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Earn Affiliate Income thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing...from Wealthy Affiliate

Hello All,

I’m Lawrence…in this 1st post I’ll share how I started on this exciting journey in learning how to earn affiliate income online as an affiliate marketer earning passive or side income…with completely no prior experience!

First a brief introduction…….

I left my previous job after 17 yrs in Customer Service in a US supply chain company serving a corporate client who is a global computer brand managing their eCommerce B2B (Business to Business) portal.

I’m also a regular online consumer & thus one of my life goals is to create my own fishing blog (also known as website) to share my many years of fishing experience with like-minded anglers.

Though I was managing eCommerce in my past job I have NO knowledge or experience at all in creating a blog let alone earning affiliate income online from the comfort of my chair.

So I started researching on how to create a Blog & was pleasantly surprised I can also be an Affiliate Marketer doing affiliate marketing for merchants like eBay & Amazon in my blog & thereby earning affiliate commission when consumers made purchases.

All these for me on top of another part-time job as a semi-retiree. As expected I stumbled & fell by initially joining the wrong platform & spent a few frustrating weeks trying to learn how to create a blog but to no avail. So one purpose of creating this blog is to make you aware of the pit holes & avoid the initial mistakes I made embarking on this journey.

Who is Suitable for this Program?

  • Part-timers looking for another part-time opportunity…that’s ME!
  • Full-timers looking for side income
  • Students
  • Housewives
  • Retirees
  • Anyone looking for a new past-time or hobby
  • Anyone looking to learn a new skill set or to acquire new knowledge
  • Basically anyone who has free time on hand to try a new Challenge!

But Beware…this is for Everyone!!!

In my personal opinion this challenge is NOT for you…….

  • If you’re now jobless & looking for a main income stream immediately to support yourself or family. It takes Time, Effort & Dedication to learn new skills in blogging & affiliate marketing before it can generate income, this cannot be your main income at the beginning. That is the reason why I’ve stated SIDE & not main income above. BUT if you become competent & can achieve your financial targets thru affiliate income later, nobody can stop you in going full time turning it into your main income.
  • If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. Again…this needs Time, Effort & Dedication to be successful online.
  • If you have ZERO computer literacy & hates using computers. Basic literacy is needed.
  • If you do not have access to computers & WiFi. A mobile phone alone is not efficient enough to complete the courses & set up your blogs.
  • If you are too busy to set aside time & effort to complete the 2 courses needed to create blogs effective enough to earn commission. If you are an experience blogger & affiliate marketer then you can skip the 1st course & jump straight to the 2nd.
  • If you give up easily & do not have the focus & dedication to keep trying.
  • If you do not have a passion, interest, hobby, past-time, profession or knowledge to blog about what we called NICHES. You can do research to expand your knowledge but you first need to have the interest & passion in the niches chosen.
  • If you do not like to help others with their questions & problems in the chosen niches. Readers visit your blogs as they are looking for information to solve their problems. If readers trust your solutions, they will buy recommended products or services thru the affiliate links in your blogs linking them to merchants like Amazon & eBay.
Earn Affiliate Income thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing...from Wealthy Affiliate

Luckily I came across a new learning platform recommended by someone, like myself, who has gone on the wrong path in signing up with an unsuitable platform at the beginning. Finally I began to see some light at the end of a dark tunnel after spending a fruitful week as a Free Member with the new platform. And I learned so much more in just a Week compared to nothing learned in the few frustrated Weeks earlier (luckily I got my refund back).

Immediately I paid & signed up as a Premium Member for a YEAR (& gotten good discount) even though I can pay on a monthly basis as I’m so sure this is what I’ve always wanted. After just 3 months with the new platform I launched my fishing blog https://gtfrenzy.com …the proof is in the pudding…go check out my blog.

Best of all beside learning how to create a blog, I learned to become an Affiliate Marketer through my blog & earn some passive income…even when I’m sleeping!

The other purpose of my setting up of this blog Earn Affiliate Income is to introduce you to the realm of blogging & affiliate marketing. And to hold your hands through this exciting new chapter in your life so that you wouldn’t, like many of us, start on the wrong footing!

I’ve made a decision taking up a new challenge, it’s time you make yours!

If I can do it at 58…so can YOU!

Please read the next & 2nd post…Blogger and Affiliate Marketer to go into more details.

earn affiliate income

All the Best
PS: Drop a comment below or contact me directly at lawrenceloh77@earnaffiliateincomes.com if you have any questions

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