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Thank you for reading my previous & 1st post About Earn Affiliate Income which will give you a good lead going into the details in this next & 2nd post Blogger and Affiliate Marketer

In taking up this new challenge, I realized it’s much clearer to have a Game Plan so that you can see what are your Goals in the short & long term…ie you need to see the Big Picture!

In brief my plan is to firstly become…a Blogger and then an Affiliate Marketer. One needs to learn to be a Blogger first as a blog/website has to be created before you can carry out affiliate marketing in your blog.

I’ll now go into each phase to provide more details.

Earn Affiliate Income thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing...from Wealthy Affiliate


  • To be able to create a Blog (aka website) is all along in my bucket list. Thus I joined a training platform to learn the basics of blogging, how to buy a domain, create a blog, have an authority to host my blog, protect it from spammers, viruses, attract readers to my blog, etc.
  • To create a blog, first you need to have a Niche that you’re knowledgeable about so that you can write rich, engaging & relevant content in your blog to attract & retain viewers in your blog. Your aim is to:
    • Share your knowledge & expertise with those who are keen to learn more about this niche or is a newbie wanting to take up niche as a past time or hobby.
    • Advise those who have questions as they explore further into niche.
    • Help those who have difficulties by offering different solutions to resolve their problems.
  • As such you need to be what some called an SME (Subject Matter Expert) in the particular niche you’ve chosen for your blog. You need to be HONEST in helping your consumers as they can see through you if you’re lying. You can read up more, do more research, ask more questions, etc to become an SME but you cannot start with no interest, no passion, no knowledge whatsoever in the subject area chosen & want to start up a blog. Hard work is needed to achieve SUCCESS!
  • To give an example…I’ve been fishing for more than 40 yrs since the age of 12 & naturally fishing is my chosen niche as I want to share my accumulated wealth of knowledge & experience with fellow anglers.
  • Some examples of niches…which can be a hobby, past time, even your profession ie. something you’re passionate about. The list goes on & on…with many possible niches out there!
    • Photography
    • Gardening
    • Home DIY
    • Computers
    • Fashion
    • Sports
    • Health care
    • Beauty care
    • Slimming
    • Car accessories
    • Home protection system
    • Baby care
    • Child care
    • Tuition
    • Working from home
    • Online business
How to choose a niche...from Wealthy Affiliate
Click image above to learn more about Nichesfrom Wealthy Affiliate the platform I signed up with
  • One very important criterion in choosing a niche is that it MUST have related items, equipment, accessories, appliances, programs, services, etc that one can buy online from merchants like Amazon & eBay, etc.
  • That is the reason why I listed “Car accessories” above & not “Car” as you can buy many car accessories from online merchants. Of course you can write a blog all about cars & be a very successful car blogger…but it will limit your opportunities in moving towards the next phase ie. being an Affiliate Marketer.

Affiliate Marketer

  • Affiliate Marketing is where you have a blog with rich engaging content to attract viewers to your site. Within your content you have to recommend good & effective products or programs which you or someone you know have used before in resolving problems discussed. When viewers clicked on the links provided, they will bring viewers to the online merchants (eg. Amazon, eBay, etc) where they can purchase the products or join certain programs. For successful purchases the merchants will pay you a certain % of commission which varies from a low 3% to as high as 10% depending on the niche you are in.
  • Readers are attracted to your site when they search in Google, Bing & Yahoo (search engines) for the questions they have in that particular niche. That’s the reason why you need to write rich & engaging content for it to be ranked highly in search engines so that more can reach your site. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will come in to help you in achieving that. Sounds alien right? In a New challenge there will always be New things you got to learn.
  • Ranking of your content in search engines Do Not happen overnight even with SEO helping you. So don’t expect to publish a post now & want to see it immediately on the 1st page in Google. It needs Time for search engines to find it & assess its Quality before giving it the appropriate ranking. Obviously the clicks, comments, sharing, etc it gets from readers will help with your ranking…search engines are Smart!
Search Engine Optimization...Earn Affiliate Income thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing...from Wealthy Affiliate
Search Engine Optimization
  • Readers can also reach your blog via other social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc where you can publish your work to a wider audience worldwide attracting higher number of visits to your blog.
  • If you were to search online for affiliate programs, you can see many merchants offering such programs to affiliate marketers which you can join at ZERO fees. Once you’re a member you can obtain links (from the merchants) which you can plant in your blog for viewers to click on. As an example you can look at my fishing accessories post where I joined Amazon, eBay & Tackle Direct affiliate programs. Click on links of these merchants highlighted in red & it will bring you to their sites where you can browse & make purchases.
  • Before you jump the gun & want to join affiliate programs, do note you need to have a fully functioning blog first as the merchants will grade your eligibility depending on the quality of your blog.
  • Advantages of Affiliate Marketing
    • Join with zero member fees
    • Join as many affiliate programs as you want
    • It’s earning passive income for you 24 hrs x 7 days every day every year with no rest…even when you’re sleeping!
    • Once you have the blog up & running with all needed links planted, you don’t have to do much beside updating with new content periodically
    • If viewers after buying your recommended products decided to continue shopping (with the same merchant) & buy other items (which you did not recommend), you get commission too!

Important: Please note this is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme…one needs to put in the effort & time in creating & maintaining an engaging blog for viewers to find & buy from it. It is thus a very good form of side or passive income beside your other jobs. Obviously the more blogs you created in several niches, the more affiliate income you’ll earn over time!

Earn Affiliate Income thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing...from Wealthy Affiliate

Now you have the above Game Plan, please read next & 3rd post Why Wealthy Affiliate? for the Action Plan!

you can earn income online!

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