How to be Successful with Wealthy Affiliate?

Thank you for reading previous & 3rd post Why Wealthy Affiliate? It will give you a continuation to this next & 4th post How to be Successful with Wealthy Affiliate?

After having gone through the 50 lessons in Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) & 70 lessons in the Affiliate Bootcamp in Wealthy Affiliate, following are some humble advice I would like to share in order to be successful with Wealthy Affiliate.

Tips on How to be Successful with Wealthy Affiliate

  • First of all set up the Right Mindset before taking up this challenge. As mentioned before in previous posts, this is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to put in the Determination, Effort & Time before you can reap rewards on this project.
  • It’s IMPORTANT to keep Learning…Trying…Failing…Asking…Retrying…Failing again…Retrying…till Success!
Right mindset...Earn Affiliate Income thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing...from Wealthy Affiliate
he Right Mindset

Don’t Give Up! You Gotta Keep Trying!

Start off as a Free Member

  • I strongly recommend you join as a Free Starter Member first to have a taste what Wealthy Affiliate can offer & if it is something that fit your expectation. Anyway it’s FREE & you can quit at any time!
  • Earn from 550+ million products online worldwide
  • Join over 1.4 million entrepreneurs in Wealthy Affiliate
  • Two free profit ready websites at your disposal
  • Step by step affiliate marketing training
  • Live 24×7 coaching
Wealthy Affiliate membership options...Earn Affiliate Income thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

Going Premium

  • Once you determined it’s the platform that can help with your online goals, evaluate if you can afford the subscription fees to become a Premium Member which I find very affordable compared to the other platforms out there.
    • Monthly fee – 1st mth at discounted US$19 (available only within 7 days of being a Starter Member); subsequently at very affordable US$49 per month
    • Yearly fee – US$359 ie. a whooping US$229 discount ($49×12=$588 less $359=$229 discount)
  • Best of all…there is NO UPSELL…ie. beside the subscription fees listed above, there is no further payment you need to make to access the full suite of features, tools & programs you want to access.
  • I strongly suggest you either have a permanent or part time job to support your dependents & at the same time pay to become a Premium Member to learn a new skill set with Wealthy Affiliate. Definitely not to depend ONLY on being an affiliate marketer to support your family…maybe later when your total online income can replace current income…but definitely NOT at the beginning when you’re starting out on this journey.
  • Once you become a Premium Member you’ll have access to all the training, coaching, advice, etc. Next set aside Time you can spend on completing the training…you’ve to be Committed!
    • How many hours can you spare daily?
    • In the morning before you start work, afternoon or at night before sleeping?
    • Can you spare more hours on weekend?
  • Full access for Premium Members:
    • Live webinars
    • Training modules
    • Courses
    • Videos
    • Private messaging support
    • 24×7 expert coaching
    • 24×7 technical support
    • Access to higher affiliate commissions marketing Wealthy Affiliate
    • Private access to founders Kyle & Carson…no other platforms will provide such access to the owners
  • Go through the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) first & complete all the 5 levels (total 50 lessons; 10 lessons per level) in the order listed WITHOUT skipping lesson & action items or mixing the sequence. Otherwise your blog would not function properly & you would need to go back through all the lessons again to see what is missing.
Online Entrepreneur Certification...from Wealthy Affiliate
Click image above to get a glimpse of all 10 lessons in Level 1
Earn Affiliate Income thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing...from Wealthy Affiliate
Complete each lesson & task in OEC…
  • There are Action Items at the end of each lesson which you need to complete before moving to the next lesson. DO NOT skip these tasks & be curious to move on to see what is next on offer. You need to complete the tasks required to be able to understand what is taught in subsequent lessons & to set up your blog correctly.
  • For any reason if you need to skip a particular lesson or task, ask the Chat Room if you’re not sure & someone out there will give advice on alternatives to mitigate any negative effect.
  • Buying a Domain name for your blog is optional but it will make it professional & exclusive to your audience. Fee is one-time & very affordable. Your email for communicating with your audience bears this domain name & is exclusive only for your use…no one else! For example domain for my fishing blog is “gtfrenzy” as in & my exclusive email address is
  • Learn the Art of Writing good content in the lessons provided. You can use paragraph, color, images, bold/italic text, point form, etc to break monotony of content but don’t over use as it may be a distraction to the readers.
    • What font type & size to use?
    • How to use colors sparingly?
    • How to break content into readable paragraphs?
    • When to use point form?
    • When to use text in bold & italic?
    • How to add images & videos to liven up content?
    • How to add quotes & citation as hints or tips?
    • How to create a layout easy for the eyes?

Hint: Writing good content isn’t as difficult as it seems to be…all you need are:

1) Some basic skills (like those mentioned above available in Wealthy Affiliate)

2) Time to research on your niche subject in order to write rich & quality content

You don’t need to spend all the time to come out with the PERFECT content at the very 1st go. Go ahead to write whatever you can think of first even if it’s just a skeletal frame. Then go back some time later to add more content & enrich those already written. Repeat this a few times until you’re satisfied with the end result. And you can choose to post it to your audience at any point in time when you think your article is ready.

For me, I normally will come out with a skeletal frame first & then go back later to add in content as I can think of more from my experience, social circles or from research done online. This will happen 3 to 4 times before I post my content online.

Writing content with intent...from Wealthy Affiliate
Some writing skills from Wealthy Affiliate
  • Once your blog is fully functioning with all needed posts published, sign up as members with affiliate merchants like Amazon, eBay etc. There is a feature in Wealthy Affiliate for you to search for such merchants for the niches you’ve chosen. As mentioned in earlier post, merchants will assess & grade how complete & good your blog is to the consumers before granting you membership.
Earn Affiliate Income thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing...from Wealthy Affiliate
Be a proficient blogger…

Hint: Remember you need to have a fully functioning blog with the required number of posts with content rich text & images in there before applying with the Affiliate Merchants.

How many posts needed will depend on the niche chosen & on your knowledge & expertise on the subject. For example…I need 25 posts in my fishing blog to complete sharing my experience with fellow anglers while I believe only 5 posts are needed in this Earn Affiliate Income blog to convey my message to the readers.

  • Once affiliate merchants grant you membership, add in their links provided in the merchants’ website to specific text or images in your relevant posts. Test out the links to ensure your audience can click on them to make purchases in the merchants’ website…which is where your affiliate revenue comes from.
Earn Affiliate Income thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing...from Wealthy Affiliate
  • Attend live training & relevant sessions organized by experienced members or founders to further enhance blog eg. on how your posts can be ranked higher by search engines where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Wealthy Affiliate comes in the form of a one-in-all plugin already installed for you.
  • Remember your ultimate aim for your blog is to attract traffic either through search engines like Google & Bing/Yahoo or through social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
    • Traffic – leads to wider audience, more clicks to your blog, more comments, more sharing of blog with others…which possibly leads to
    • Affiliate Merchants – may take consumers several re-visits to your blog before browsing & placing orders; thus your content has to retain their interest
    • Conversion – final phase where consumers’ orders are converted to commission earned
Earn Affiliate Income thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing...from Wealthy Affiliate
  • Install relevant plug-in’s in your WordPress editor to enhance your blog eg. faster response, optimization, back-up, form set up, enable readers to share content with their contacts, etc. WordPress is the default editor used by Wealthy Affiliate for all members to create their content.
  • Continue to post rich, engaging & relevant content periodically to attract & sustain interest to your blog. Time is needed for your posts to be ranked higher in search engines for higher conversion rates.

What Next after OEC?

  • After completing the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) to launch niche blogs earning affiliate income with online merchants, next you should embark on the Affiliate Bootcamp which provides knowledge on how to set up another blog to be an Affiliate Marketer for Wealthy Affiliate (which then becomes your new merchant). And do note Wealthy Affiliate reward marketers with very attractive commissions many times higher than the normal merchants like Amazon & eBay can offer. Refer to previous post Why Wealthy Affiliate? for the attractive commissions paid.
Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp
Get a glimpse into Affiliate Bootcamp…by clicking above image

Highlight: In the Affiliate Bootcamp course, there is one technique named PPC (Pay-Per-Click) being taught which I personally find is one of the most amazing & powerful tools to increase clicks to your blogs & thereby improving your chances of converting them into sales.

You need to go thru OEC first & then Affiliate Bootcamp before being able to grasp the concepts of PPC which are in the last 2 phases of the bootcamp. Thereafter you’ll be competent enough to tackle the world of Blogging & Affiliate Marketing.

Pay per Click...Earn Affiliate Income thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing...from Wealthy Affiliate
Pay-Per-Click Campaign

In Summary

  • In a nutshell, these are what you can achieve with Wealthy Affiliate if you follow through diligently:
    • Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC)
      • Blogger (create as many blogs as you want)
      • Affiliate Marketer (with merchants like Amazon, eBay & many more…)
    • Affiliate Bootcamp
      • Affiliate Marketer (for Wealthy Affiliate…earning higher commissions than most merchants)

Now you know there is such an awesome platform in Wealthy Affiliate for newbies & experienced bloggers in building your online endeavors…it’s time to take Action to start your exciting journey!

You may also want to check out my next post What You will Learn from Wealthy Affiliate…since most of us will want to know what we’re getting in return for a small investment made.

wishing you success with wealthy affiliate

All the Best
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