What You will Learn from Wealthy Affiliate

If you wondered what you will ever learn from joining Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Member, this post will list most of the important skill sets you can acquire at Wealthy Affiliate to be successful online in Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.

As listed below you can find 2 main Courses, endless numbers of Webinars, Classroom Lessons & Tutorials…only problem is finding the time to go through all of them.

If this is the very 1st post you’re reading (which happened to be my 5th in this blog), you may want to know how it all started by checking out my 1st post About Earn Affiliate Income.

Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) – 1st course, 5 levels, 10 lessons each, total 50 lessons…learn all about creating a blog/website & affiliate marketing

  • Getting Started
  • Building your own Traffic Producing Website
  • Making Money
  • Mastering Social Engagement
  • Achieving Maximum Success through Content Creation
Online Entrepreneur Certification from Wealthy Affiliate
Click above image…to view the 10 lessons in level 1 in OEC

Affiliate Bootcamp – 2nd course, 7 levels, 10 lessons each, total 70 lessons…learn the finer points in affiliate marketing to earn your 1st dollar!

  • Getting your Business Rolling
  • Content, Keywords & Conversions
  • Giving your Site Social Value
  • Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand through Media
  • Knowing your Audiences & Catapulting your Referrals
  • Bing, Yahoo & the Power of PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
  • How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns
Affiliate Bootcamp...from Wealthy Affiliate
Click image above…to view the 10 lessons in level 1 in Affiliate Bootcamp

Highlight: I want to take this opportunity to highlight here what I personally think the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) tool taught in Wealthy Affiliate is by far one of the most amazing & powerful tools you can utilize to bring more clicks to your blogs thereby increasing the chances of converting them to sales.

You need to learn the basics in blogging & affiliate marketing in OEC & then followed by the Affiliate Bootcamp before you can grasp the concept of PPC. So there’s a reason why PPC are structured into the last 2 phases in the Affiliate Bootcamp…& don’t jump the gun…you need to WALK before learning how to RUN!!!

Pay per click campaign. Earn Affiliate Income thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing...from Wealthy Affiliate
Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Examples of Live Webinars

  • Building an Awesome Home Page
  • Getting Rolling with Instagram
  • Automation Strategies with Instagram
  • Instagram Feed & Story Posting Strategies
  • Produce, Record & Uploading your YouTube Videos
  • How to Monetize your YouTube Channels
  • Advanced WordPress Techniques & Strategies
Creating beautiful professional looking website...from Wealthy Affiliate
Example of a Webinar…click above image to watch it

Examples of Classroom Lessons

  • Authoring & Writing Content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Engagement & Marketing
  • Website Development & Programming
Example of classroom lesson...from Wealthy Affiliate
Example of a Classroom Lesson…with member participation
Lessons and tutorials...from Earn Affiliate Income thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing...from Wealthy Affiliate
Lessons & tutorials…

Examples of Tutorials

  • Customer Purchase Life Cycle
  • Target Audiences for Wealthy Affiliate
  • Introduction to Google Web Master Tools
  • How to rank high on Google for newbies
  • Setting up WordPress Site in Wealthy Affiliate
  • WA Hosting – Setting up your Domain DNS
  • Turbo Charge your Site Speed
Setting up Domain DNS...example of tutorial from Wealthy Affiliate
Example of a Tutorial from Classroom Lesson…click image above to find out more

Take up Challenge to Learn New Skill Set today which will last you a LIFE TIME!

earn affiliate income, keep going, don't give up

All the Best
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