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Thank you for reading my 1st post About Earn Affiliate Income & 2nd post Blogger and Affiliate Marketer. They will give you a good preview of how I ended with my 3rd post here reviewing Wealthy Affiliate.

This post is on Comments, Feedback & Review on Wealthy Affiliate versus one of its competitors SFM/DEA (Six Figure Mentors/Digital Expert Academy) which I first joined.

And Wealthy Affiliate is definitely NOT a Scam…please read on!

I Started on the Wrong Footing…

For about 3 weeks, I spent several hours daily with SFM/DEA (Six Figure Mentors/Digital Expert Academy) after signing up as a paid member trying to learn Blogging and Affiliate Marketing as a newbie.

All I learn was about how each of them got successful & rich out of their schemes. And can you believe during the 4 hrs orientation (from 1 to 5am in my timezone) I heard the same thing of how much they’ve earned been repeated over & over again which all new members had to stay till the end in order to receive a password to proceed to the next phase online.

And Nothing whatsoever on blogging & affiliate marketing the SFM/DEA platform or training tools can offer us!!!

Earn Affiliate Income thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing...from Wealthy Affiliate
Started on Wrong Footing with SFM/DEA

Then I was thinking why all these brainwashing if your products to be offered is really good! Let the consumers use your products & offer honest reviews. Up till then I didn’t learn anything about creating a blog yet & knew this platform was not for me.

The last straw came when I was asked to pay again for an upgrade before I even learn anything…ie. an UPSELL we all dreaded. Though upgrade is optional I felt a newbie like myself would not be able to benefit from such a scheme. Maybe an experienced blogger would but definitely not a newbie. I was fortunate I got my subscription fees back.

Thereafter I had also looked at other platforms…but without paying first…after learning my mistake earlier. None met my expectation…until I chanced upon Wealthy Affiliate while doing a review on other platforms.

Wealthy Affiliate vs SFM/DEA


My personal opinions of SFM/DEA

  • A lot of brainwashing that you’ll get rich by sticking with them & not quitting
  • Reluctant in showing what their products can offer & how they actually look like (even after signing as Essential Member)…not even during orientation
  • Under constant pressure to upgrade though they claim it is optional
  • Emphasized more on promoting SFM/DEA itself (with high commissions) rather than own niches
  • And worst of all…is the high subscription fees (in US$ below)
MembershipWealthy AffiliateMembershipSFM/DEA
StarterFreeEssentialEnrollment $297; thereafter $97 mthly
Premium1st mth $19 (within 7 days offer); thereafter $49 mthly. One year subscription $359 ie. 39% discount over $588 ($49 x 12 mths)EliteOne-time $2500; thereafter $97 mthly (need to sign up as Essential first)

Wealthy Affiliate is Completely Different!

  • I joined as a Free Starter Member first without having to pay anything & got to learn the basics on blog creation & affiliate marketing. And was reminded time, hard work & dedication are needed before you can reap its rewards & definitely are NOT get-rich-quick schemes.
  • As a Free Starter Member you get limited access which is enough for you to create & launch your very 1st basic blog & learn the fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing. This is sufficient to give you a good insight to determine if the Wealthy Affiliate platform is really what you’re looking for.
  • And can you believe as a Free Starter Member you get up to 2 FREE profit ready blogs (aka websites).
  • If you want to continue to gain FULL access to all the features & tools in Wealthy Affiliate, you can upgrade to a paid Premium Member with a 61% discount (available only within first 7 days as Free Member) of US$19 (for the 1st month) & subsequently at a very affordable US$49 subscription for each following month.
  • Best of all…there is NO UPSELL…ie. beside the subscription fees mentioned above, there is no further payment you need to make to access the full suite of features, tools & programs you need.
Earn Affiliate Income thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing...from Wealthy Affiliate
  • I accomplished the following in just the 1st week upon joining as Free Member with Wealthy Affiliate learning so much more compared to the 3 weeks with the previous platform:
    • Learned what is a niche & how to select one for your blog
    • Created framework for my fishing blog
    • Published first 2 posts in blog
    • Learned about having an exclusive domain name for your blog
    • Learned what are Keyword Research & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) all about…which are so important in getting your posts appear in Google & Bing/Yahoo searches…to create traffic & an audience for your blog
    • Interacted with the huge member community (1.4 million strong worldwide) & 24×7 technical support online on questions & difficulties faced. You’ll get an almost instant response as everyone is there to help each other 24×7 across all time zones
    • Even talked to the founder Kyle before I decided to join as paid Premium Member in the 2nd week
Create website under 30 secs...Earn Affiliate Income thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing...from Wealthy Affiliate
Check out this sample videoCreate a Website in under 30 secs
  • After just a week as a Free Starter Member, I was overwhelmed by the many NEW things I learned about blogging…& I haven’t even touched on Affiliate Marketing yet.
Free starter membership...Earn Affiliate Income thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing...from Wealthy Affiliate

Going Premium…

  • I was so confident about this platform that I decided to give myself a YEAR to learn the ropes & have a SHOT at blogging & affiliate marketing. Had a good discount too for signing a one year Premium subscription.
    • Starter Member – FREE
    • Premium Member
      • Monthly fee – 1st mth at discounted US$19 (available only within first 7 days being a Starter Member); subsequently at very affordable US$49 per month
      • Yearly fee – US$359 ie. a whooping US$229 ie. 39% discount ($49×12=$588 less $359=$229 discount)
    • No UPSELL – ie. no further payment you need to make beside the above listed subscription fee
  • After only 3 months as a Premium Member I completed & launched my fishing blog https://gtfrenzy.com…where I’ve accumulated my more than 40 yrs of fishing experience. Please check it out to see what I’ve accomplished during this short duration.
    • Bought an exclusive domain name “gtfrenzy” for my 1st blog
    • Selected preferred theme for my blog out of the 3000 available
    • Learned how to create rich & engaging content
    • Published 25 posts related to fishing
    • Learned how to enable posts to be ranked higher in Google & Bing/Yahoo searches. As of when this post was written, some fishing content is ranked on 1st page with some on the 3rd…steadily climbing up the ranking ladder. All good content will be ranked eventually…you just need to give it Time.
    • Added links in posts to bring consumers to affiliate merchants (eg. Amazon, eBay, Tackle Direct) & when they make purchases I’ll get a commission
    • Learned how to utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc to further expand my worldwide audience
    • Learned how to let readers share my post in blog with their contacts
    • Learned how to optimize blog to provide consumer with faster response & searches
    • Learned how to back-up content in blog as a safety measure to protect my proprietary property
    • Attended the weekly LIVE 1 hour training on how to further enhance your blogs to increase traffic & income (training is recorded for members to access in other time zones)
    • Completed my Online Entrepreneur Certification of 5 phases with 10 lessons each (total 50 lessons)…end result is the launch of my fishing blog.

Premium Member gets:

# 25 free websites/blogs

# 25 websites/blogs on your own paid domains

# That will be a total of 50 websites/blogs at your service!

Check out the 45 Reasons to go Premium!

End result after joining Wealthy Affiliate after just 3 months as a Premium Member…spending several hours daily on a part time basis to create my 1st…a fishing blog. Each post has links in text & images to affiliate merchants. When consumers make purchases, commissions are earned. Check it out!


earn affiliate income...from Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is Not only for Newbie

As can be seen in my above achievement, even though I said Wealthy Affiliate is good for newbies, it’s also a very informative platform for intermediate & advanced bloggers who want to improve upon their own blogs.

The many avenues available to all Premium Members (training courses, live video, blog sessions, 24×7 chat room, access to founder members, etc) will give you invaluable tips on how to speed up your blog response speed, climb up ranking ladders in search engines, utilize social media platforms to increase traffic, improve click-to-income conversion cycles, how to gain more customers, etc.

And you May Not Even Know you’re not doing it the right way if your online income falls short of expectation. Wealthy Affiliates have the tools to fine tune & enhance what you already have. You can even chat with the many experienced members who have built successful online businesses to get expert coaching…we are just One Big Family of like-minded people helping each other…All You Need to Do is Ask!

Earn Affiliate Income thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing...from Wealthy Affiliate

A Note of Caution

At this stage I want to play down the notion of just wanting to make a quick buck with this platform. Again I want to stress this is not one of the many get-rich-quick schemes out there. Effort & Time is needed to learn the ropes to create rich & engaging content for your niche consumers before money can start rolling in. For me it’s also the passion in fishing that I created this blog…but if it can earn me some passive income…Why Not?

Thus I would NOT expect one to quit his job & jump straight into this to make tons of money to replace current income. I would recommend one to take this up as a challenge to learn something new on how to set up an Online Business thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing. And once you mastered the ropes you can set up more blogs to earn more affiliate income with more affiliate merchants. Take it as a small investment to learn a new trade like paying much more than this to attend a training at a learning institute.

Earn Affiliate Income thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing...from Wealthy Affiliate

What Can Come Next?

That’s the reason why I created this 2nd blog (after going through the Affiliate Bootcamp with 7 phases of 10 lessons each totaling 70 lessons) to earn affiliate income promoting Wealthy Affiliate as my new affiliate merchant.

Earn Attractive Affiliate Commission by Referring Others to Wealthy Affiliate

Earn attractive affiliate commission...Earn Affiliate Income thru Blogging & Affiliate Marketing...from Wealthy Affiliate
Wealthy Affiliate Commission

Once you have several successful blogs earning you your desired level of income, who says you cannot quit your job & focus full time on this endeavor. Or choose to continue earning your passive sideline income on top of your main income.

In Summary

The Opportunities are Limitless once you start off with Wealthy Affiliate. It all depends on your Determination & how much Effort & Time you want to put in.

Determination + Effort + Time = Affiliate Income

Whether you’re a newbie or experienced blogger, there is something there in Wealthy Affiliate to help you achieve your online dreams turning your passion, hobbies or even profession into successful online businesses.

All these at a very affordable price…take it as an investment or course fees to learn a new skill set in your LIFE!

Now you know the above action plan which you can use as a reference, click on Wealthy Affiliate to start on this exciting platform.

Or if you want to know more before signing up for FREE, please read my next post How to be Successful with Wealthy Affiliate?

learn a new skill today

All the Best
PS: Drop a comment below or contact me directly at lawrenceloh77@earnaffiliateincomes.com if you have any questions

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